Spoon Creek Falls

On our way up to hike the upper South Fork skokomish  trail, we apparently missed our turn off that was supposed to be marked… and fell upon this short but sweet little hike on accident.  The trail is super easy and is only .8 miles round trip.  Since it was so late in the season the water level was low and we were able to access the waterfall from below.  This will be a great spot for next summer when the weather is blazing hot and the kids and I can return with picnic lunches and spend the day splashing in the water and enjoy another hidden piece of the Olympic Pennisula.


Hello fellow hikers!

Welcome to the Modern Day Hippie Hiker Blog.  I hope you find my hiking/backpacking adventures to be full of information… maybe a little bit comical and most of all I hope you enjoy some of the photos.  I spent my entire summer hiking all over the Olympic Mountains, which are in the State of Washington.  […]