A little about me…I was born and raised in the great Pacific Northwest in the state of Washington.  I have remained living here for the past 37 years (oh… which totally gives away my age). I was raised by a family where vacations were mostly spent in the woods, camping, fishing and hiking.  At the ripe ole age of 18… I got married and had my first child at 19 and a few years later followed that up with two more.  Now divorced, I’ve realized that my kids will soon be graduated and the nest would be empty (unless they move back in).  I knew I needed a hobby to keep me busy.  You see, my life has been intertwined and wrapped around my kid’s activities, which never left a whole lot of time to do the things I wanted or should have been doing for myself.  Because of my love for the woods, I knew right off the start that getting back into hiking would be perfect for me.  It would keep me physically fit, clear my mind and fill me spiritually the way I needed to be fulfilled.  For mother’s day this last May (2012) I decided that I wanted my family to spend the day on the trail with me.  The response I got from my 15 year old son was “mom… you need a new hobby.”  I just laughed.  Every week for the past 5 months it has been my mission to be out in the woods, experiencing new and old rails and doing something just for me.


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